Pictured here:

Jennifer Baker CEO & Founder for Metro faces international Talent Agency and NCfashionWeek (left)

Parris Harris- Co Producer & Creative Director of NCfashionWeek (right)

About NCfashionweek - Meet Our Co Producers

Meet Jennifer Baker

In 2001, Jennifer Baker, CEO of Metro faces international Talent Agency founded Fayetteville Fashion Week which would later become NCfashionweek as a way to fuse fashion and philanthropy, two things she has always had a passion for. Fourteen years later, this bi-annual event has blossomed into a platform for up & coming designers and models. Each year, Metro faces international `Talent Agency donates a portion of the proceeds to local charities as a way to give back it's community. With over 45 years of combined experience, Metro faces international Talent Agency has provided full service training for the modeling and talent industry in the Carolinas.

Check out Metro faces international Talent's Website Here: www.Metrofacesinternational.com

Meet Parris Harris

Mr. Harris embodies a love for the entire fashion process . That process includes “everything” and I mean everything. That pretty much describes putting together a Fabulous show from start to finish. Whether it’s the hugs and kisses at the end of a designer’s very first show or more importantly searching for a needle in a shag carpet at 4 a.m because a show needs it by 8 am and coffee is no longer doing the trick. Whether it’s working for 2 days without sleep and probably little food. You are probably guaranteed to find Parris rockin’ along with a smile on his face laughing. Even if its 4am and he is searching through a shag carpet for the needle that so he can sew something that is needed at 8am.